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Give today to train more children's ministry leaders!

Your support will help us train 3,000 churches in 2018.

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We are raising support for another year of ministry!


We still need 84 people to commit $5 a month.

$5 is roughly the cost of a large vanilla latte. Would you commit to a cup of coffee once a month? Doing so will help us train more leaders to serve the children in their community.


Our ministry started as a network of people called to serve in Children's Ministry. Today, we are continuing to grow to serve thousands more. We train church leaders to work with children in some of the most under-resourced conditions and regions of the world.

In 2017 we trained over 2,000 children's leaders. These trainings included leadership development and practical ways to protect children from abuse. We conducted trainings in Africa and North America... and reached four other continents through our digital resources.

This coming year, we have set a goal to expand our ministry. With your support, we will continue the work we have started and launch several new programs. This includes, ongoing work to serve the children in Belize, feeding programs for refugees in the Middle East, training for pastors in North America, Africa and Europe... as well as additional online initiatives to serve.

We've broken down our annual goal by setting some pledge amounts. If we can get donors at the following levels, we will easily raise the needed support for 2018. Please pray about a monthly donation, as small as $5 a month, to support our ministry.

Ongoing Support GOALS:

Donor Goals Met:

DONE!!! 5 giving $100 a month - 0 to go... Thank you Chris, Mike and Patti!

DONE!!! $2500 in donations

Donors Needed

20 giving $50 a month - 16 more to go... Thanks Jared, Bill, Ann and Chris!

50 giving $10 a month - 38 more to go!

100 giving $5 a month - 84 more to go!


CMConnect is a 501c3 tax-deductible organization. When you make a donation you will receive an email with a receipt which can be used to receive a deduction on your annual taxes.

100% of your donation will go to support programming, events and training for children's leaders. If you would like to make a donation of a special gift please contact our office. Donations of automobiles, stocks, airline miles, insurance policies and service hours all work to grow the work God is doing through our ministry.



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CMConnect exists to connect, serve and advance children's workers in under-resourced regions of the world. We do this by building relationships with indigenous ministry leaders serving on the front lines of the Church.

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CMConnect is the free social network for those called to serve in children's ministry. Started in 2008 with a simple vision to connect children's leaders, CMConnect's network is a growing hub of interaction for over 13,000 people interested in teaching children about Jesus!

Learn more, and get connected, here:

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CMNow is a podcast filled with relevant and up to date commentary on current children's ministry events and topics. Our podcast features news, discussions, q&a, and interviews. It is provided as a free resource.

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CMJournal is an independent and authentic children's ministry periodical/magazine. It includes peer-reviewed, scholarly and journalistic content as well as reviews and objective research on topics related to children's ministry.


CMConference.pngChildren's Ministry Conference and CMLeading by CMConnect is a unique event designed to serve, connect and advance those called to lead children. With over 100 training opportunities, our conference offers tremendous opportunities at an amazingly reasonable price for our guests.
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