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Partner with Tory Almond's ministry in the Netherlands

Your support helps ensure ministry among expat families in Amsterdam continues.

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Partner with Tory Almond's ministry among expats in the Netherlands.

Tory Almond is a bi-vocational youth leader in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2011, he has been working with the English speaking youth in the area. Most of these youth are expat/international youth, but some are also English speaking Dutch kids. Expat youth desire community and a place to belong. Using his skills and gifts to create a fun, safe, and loving community, Tory organizes events and activities to provide this community for the multicultural youth whilst also sharing God's love with them.

Tory has started a business in the Netherlands that helps offset some of the large costs of living and doing ministry in Europe. However, this is not his main focus for moving abroad and takes up a large amount of his time.

By partnering with Tory and his ministry to these international young people and their families, you can help him better accomplish the task God has called him to, to share God's love with these amazing people.