Donate to provide for Tory Almond's ministry to the Netherlands

Your support helps ensure his ministry work continues.

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Donate for Tory Almond's ministry in the Netherlands

Tory Almond is a bivocational minister to English speaking youth in Amsterdam. Many of these youth are expats and internationals but some are also English speaking Dutch youth. For over four years he's served as the youth leader at Crossroads International Church and felt God calling him to stay and continue the ministry he's been doing.

Tory is able to start a business in the Netherlands while also continuing to minister to the youth. The need for English tutors gives him the opportunity to connect with youth while also helping them with their needed English skills for school.

International/expat youth long for a sense of community and belonging in their new home. Organizing events similar to the events he's planned for the church youth, Tory is able to provide a source of community and fun for these youth. Through the relationships Tory builds providing these resources, he can show the love of God to these youth and their families.

Your donation helps provide the basic needs for Tory as he gets the business side of things going and provides extra resources needed for his ministry.

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